DJ Scott Sheehy

ScottChances are, if you were out in NYC, South Beach, Vegas or the Hamptons recently, you were rocked by the sounds of Spin Diesel (aka Scott Sheehy). One of the top open-format DJ’s in the country, he knows exactly what to play and when. His unmatched ability to read the crowd and seamlessly blend a wide range of music makes him incredibly prolific and highly sought after.  Whether it’s large-scale international affairs for Google, Coach, Nike and Microsoft, to Fashion Shows for Ann Bowen, Diesel and Buffalo.  Industry events for Atlantic Records, VH-1, MTV, NBC and ABC, or private parties for celebrities and VIP’s like, Nicole Kidman, Diddy, Usher, Drew Barrymore, Rachael Ray, Shaquille O’Neal or the casts of The Sopranos, Gossip Girl and Celebrity Apprentice.  His “In The Mix” radio program is one of the most listened to mix-shows in the country.  Past residencies include Serafina, Light, blvd, Lot 61, P.M. and Pangaea (NYC) – Rocco’s, The Star Room and Madame Tong’s (Hamptons) – Touch (South Beach) among many others.  Currently he can be found at Slate, DB Lounge, Clinton Hall and Lazy Point (NYC), Beach Bar, 75 Main and The Surf Lodge (Hamptons) to name a few.


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